ProxerPort 2 Glass polished nickel chromium stainless steel swing gate with glass wing

Brief description

Half-height access control gate with revolving glass door.


  • motor operation
  • connectable to acces control system
  • not strict access control system
  • nickel chromium stainless steel polished surface
  • high flow rate
  • vandal resistant design
  • remote manageable
  • infra-red sensors
  • RS232, RS485, Ethernet
  • UPS
  • connectable to fire alarm system,
  • Automatic open in panic mode
  • CE certificate

Technical attributes:

Material Stainless steel
Interface RS485
Power Shooting 50W
Supply Voltage 12 V
Max operating relative humidity 80 %
Environmental Temperature 0°C - +50°C

Technical Description

Motor operationed revolving glass door with corrosion resistant stainless steel surface, built-in contactless proximity sensor.
A special version available for disabled.


ProxerPort2 Glass: 850mm-es szárnyméret, bruttó nyílásszélesség: 900mm (mozgássérült beléptetésre előírt minimális járatszélesség)
ProxerPort2H Glass: 1050mm-es szárnyméret, bruttó nyílásszélesség: 1100mm
Lásd a méretrajzot alább. Egyedi méretekben is rendelhető.


  • Access controllers
  • RFID chipcard reader
  • Omnidirectional laser BAR code reader
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Video camera and video recorder
  • GPRS modem
  • Remote controller
  • The color and the material of the gate is optional.
  • Logo, company name engraved on the glass surface on demand


Product Code: 180011