PayGate 4E-40 coin-operated entrance turnstile for toilet, accepts HUF and EUR coin, gives change, prints a receipt

Brief description

The PayGate 4E-40 is a turnstile, which is equipped with an automatic paying system
It is suggested to be used to pay in events, toilets, etc. The Paygate 4E-40 is the combination of AutoPay 40 and ProxerGate 4E. The coin case capacity allows at least 1500 passes without the need of the operator, so it can be placed in high traffic areas.


  • Predetermined entrance fee can be asked with it
  • Stainless steel housing design
  • It accepts HUF and EUR also
  • Accepts five different coins
  • It gives change
  • The device prints receipt and/or ticket with high-performance thermal printer.
  • After acquittance of the payment it gives an opening command
  • Ethernet / LAN connection
  • 8"color touch screen
  • The coin entry is located at eye level, easy to use
  • Built in Cashlog1: internal accounting records, coin door opening and emptying log, daily and periodic closing documents can be printed or queriable on a web interface
  • Dimensions: 1730 x 914 x 765 mm

Technical Description

Power supply: 12V


PayGate 4E-40: integration of AutoPay 40 and ProxerGate 4E
PayGate 4-40: integration of AutoPay 40 and ProxerGate 4E
PayGate 4E-40-W: combination of AutoPay40 and ProxerGate 4E, wall mounted


  • Omnidirectional laser barcode and QR code reader, and integrated software upgrades
  • NFC RFID reader for identification, payment
  • Bill acceptor 500 pcs banknote storage and integrated software upgrades
  • Credit card / credit card POS terminal (PayPass) and integrated software upgrades
  • PayGate can communicate with the smart phone, for example. the date, time, and type in the company's print header. Bluetooth or NFC
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • No pedestals, wall mounted


Product Code: 180141