ProxerPort 6G speed gate

Elegant, safe, fast

Brief description

The ProxerPort gates have been designed and created to ensure controlled, fast passageways.
The members of the family are made in distinct styles and designs to fit into different environments.

ProxerPort 6G gates are clean, simple, stable glass - chrome steel gates that allow unobstructed, continuous passage even with packages. The speed of passage is not limited, the doors behind the passerby close immediately.
The gates prevent unauthorized passage.

Security systems:
The entire path is monitored by highly advanced safety sensors, especially for the safety of children and for the prevention of crawling.
A separate safety system is installed to limit the torque of the wings.
A separate security system is used to detect and alert if more than one person are passing at the same time.
There is a separate security system for multiple access with one card.
In case of fire alarm or power failure, the wings open automatically.


• PP 6G-L balos egyszárnyas,
• PP 6G-D kétszárnyas (dupla) kapu
• PP 6G-R jobbos egyszárnyas
• PP 6G-LW széles szárnyú balos
• PP 6G-DW széles szárnyú dupla kapu
• PP 6G-RW széles szárnyú jobbos (a W jelű kapuk a mozgássérültek akadálymentesített kapui)

Technical drawings




Product Code: 180301